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One Month Later

I typed most of this from a chair in a friend’s apartment, so tired I could cry. I didn’t bring the camera with the pictures. Hence I am posting this from home a day after writing it. My head hurts. … Continue reading

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Happy Canada Day!

Sunshine this morning– the first hint of sun in about three days, during which rain threatened and threatened but never really fell. In typical Canadian fashion, the temperature has gone from a high of about 18 (64 F) yesterday to … Continue reading

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Fight! Fight!

This story comes from two sources: a witness and a participant. I didn’t witness it first-hand. I love hanging out at the dog park because it’s usually such a laid-back place.  The atmosphere ranges from tranquil to boisterous good fun, and … Continue reading

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How To Traumatise Small Children Without Really Trying

First, to conclude the last post, here are the falsities, in reverse order: I wish number 5 was true.  My kids are impossible to feed, and I could use an entire crew of culinary experts devoted to fixing the problem. My … Continue reading

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The Mayor of Dogtown

If our dog park had to elect a mayor, it would be Ronnie by acclimation. Ronnie was one of the first people we met when we first started bring Our Best Friend to the park.  He owns two dogs, both … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just Me!

I tend to go on about how special our dog park is, with friendlier dogs and a friends-and-family atmophere.  I know everyone at the park feels that way, but it was brought home again pretty forcefully last night, by two … Continue reading

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Return From Hiatus

The last few posts haven’t dealt with dog park per se because we’ve been away on vacation, and left Our Best Friend behind.  Although we returned a few days ago, it’s been pouring rain, and today was my first chance … Continue reading

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