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October Sucks

It has been the GLOOMIEST month. Most days looked like this: It’s rained. My lord, has it rained. Our Best Friend is stinky and needs a bath. I booked the bathing room at the local pet store (they have a … Continue reading

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Once upon a time, there was a Mommy who had three little girls: an Oldest, a Middle one, and the Youngest. When the girls were little, they all loved dogs. They played with their uncle’s dog, Zach; they babysat their friend’s … Continue reading

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Inappropriate Behaviour

Most of the time, I’m very proud of Our Best Friend. He’s come such a long way. When we first got him, he’d go nuts barking if he saw a dog blocks away. It was such an embarrassment. And if … Continue reading

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Glutton for Punishment

For someone who does nothing but bitch, moan, and whine about too much responsibility and not enough time or money, I do awfully stupid things. For one, I’ve got this family of feral cats in my basement. (That’s the next … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday # 4

Looking for a good caption… anyone?

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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday #2

While I was away for my usual Monday/Tuesday jaunt to school, it rained and then froze– but I was away and didn’t realize the extent until I went to the park today: The entire perimeter path was a skating rink. … Continue reading

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Happy Canada Day!

Sunshine this morning– the first hint of sun in about three days, during which rain threatened and threatened but never really fell. In typical Canadian fashion, the temperature has gone from a high of about 18 (64 F) yesterday to … Continue reading

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The Old Man and The Dog at Sea

As I was leaving the dog park last week, hurrying to get the kids from school, an older gentleman was walking slowly through the parking lot.  He approached Our Best Friend, smiled at him, and said, “Sit.” Our Best Friend promptly … Continue reading

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Another Park

I’ve been meaning to visit other dog parks in our city, in order to write a snotty comparative review about why our park is better than any other park.  Life, of course, interferes with all my intentions.  Right now we’re out … Continue reading

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“I hope this isn’t an offensive question, but why don’t Jews like dogs?” As the only visibly Jewish dog owners at our local park (my husband wears a kippah, and I tend to dress a little more conservatively than most … Continue reading

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