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On A Good Note

We’ve had our cats for one year and seven months. It’s not like the cute videos you see on YouTube (no, I’m not providing a link). The dog and cats don’t cuddle, they don’t play together, and when I leave … Continue reading

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I Think It’s An Attitude Problem

On November 4, Downtown Dog Rescue posted a story on its Facebook page about a man who came to the shelter to retrieve his lost dogs. He did not know the shelter charged a redemption fee, and only had enough money … Continue reading

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October Sucks

It has been the GLOOMIEST month. Most days looked like this: It’s rained. My lord, has it rained. Our Best Friend is stinky and needs a bath. I booked the bathing room at the local pet store (they have a … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Doghood

The Ex is allergic to cats. Violently. He once ended up in the ER (on Martha’s Vineyard, no less) from a reaction to his sister’s cats. I gave up my Charlie when we got serious; we had a cat for … Continue reading

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Learning Helplessness

A few weeks ago at the park, I met a dog named JJ, an adorable mutt with floppy ears and a lean, boxer-ish body. I noticed he was a bit rambunctious, and always being called on it by his owner, … Continue reading

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Meet the Blogger

My apologies to those of you who got this two days ago. Meant to hit the “publish later” button, but hit “publish now” instead. Add that to the list below– I’m not *quite* perfect. This version has pictures and edited … Continue reading

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What I’m Grateful For

Last week was American Thanksgiving. My fellow bloggers to the south put up gratitude- themed posts. (This one, from Tails and Tales, is especially poignant, given the author’s narrow escape from a tornado.) And even though I’m as Canadian as … Continue reading

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Enter Real Life

So September is done— Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and Simchat Torah finished. My kids haven’t had a single five-day school week yet. Until now. And while I’ve been back-and-forthing to school and internship, I was home with my kids for … Continue reading

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Glutton for Punishment

For someone who does nothing but bitch, moan, and whine about too much responsibility and not enough time or money, I do awfully stupid things. For one, I’ve got this family of feral cats in my basement. (That’s the next … Continue reading

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Almost Wordless Wednesday # 7

It happened again. Our Best Friend went up the hill and came down with this in his mouth: There’s bread in them thar hills. At least this time it was whole-grain, instead of white flour garbage.

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