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Inappropriate Behaviour

Most of the time, I’m very proud of Our Best Friend. He’s come such a long way. When we first got him, he’d go nuts barking if he saw a dog blocks away. It was such an embarrassment. And if … Continue reading

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Good-Bye to Visitors

In my last post, I said we’d been babysitting Blackie and Duke since Friday. My brain is fried (and so is the brain of the Spouse, who proof-read the post). We had Blackie and Duke from Wednesday (the 13th) until … Continue reading

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The Winding Path to Dog Ownership, Part VI(c): Our Best Friend and Another Trainer

Our Best Friend landed in our laps in March 2009, and by May we realized that keeping a dog without proper vaccinations was probably a stupid thing to do.  So even though it was coming out of our pocket, I … Continue reading

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We met King on one of our first visits to the dog park with Our Best Friend. King is a huge malamute with squinty eyes, and he took an immediate dislike to OBF. “Yeah, that’s King,” his owner said. “He … Continue reading

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Dog Park Mornings, Part II

The dog park is a different place at different times of day. The most social time is after 5:00 p.m., when people come in after work and decompress in the fresh air and relaxed atmosphere.  7:00 a.m. has a completely different … Continue reading

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Dog Park Friends

Dog park visits become part of the rhythm of life. Some people come early in the morning, before they go to work; some people work from home and take their lunch break at the park. Others come after work, some … Continue reading

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