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Dog-Sitting Joys

Ever since Kate, my lady who does, had another grandchild and could no longer dogsit, I’ve been scrambling to find a sitter every time I go out of town. As Our Best Friend is loaded with issues, it takes someone … Continue reading

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Three Paws on the Rainbow Bridge

When Charles and Sienna walked into the park a few weeks ago, I was thrilled to see them come in. Sienna is one of my favourite dogs: a standard poodle with the people-loving temperament of a golden retriever. I hadn’t seen them … Continue reading

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With Love From Jodi

Jodi Stone from Life With Sampson and Delilah honoured me with the Liebster Award. According to text copied from another website, “This award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers who deserve more recognition.” Here are the rules: Thank your Liebster Blog … Continue reading

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Fight! Fight!

This story comes from two sources: a witness and a participant. I didn’t witness it first-hand. I love hanging out at the dog park because it’s usually such a laid-back place.  The atmosphere ranges from tranquil to boisterous good fun, and … Continue reading

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Lies I Tell You — Lies!

I awoke this morning to an unexpected delight in my inbox– a blog “award” from Rescued Insanity.  The term award deserves quotation marks; it’s not so much an award as a blog chain letter.  I have to provide my readers … Continue reading

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Dog Friends

Human friends are almost a bonus at the dog park.  It’s really the canine companionship that draws people. I know a few teens who hang out there because they don’t have a dog of their own, and they crave the kind … Continue reading

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Unfinished Business

As I said, the dog park is a little like the Internet. You can limit the amount of information you share, and the relationship can be purely park-based. You can see someone for weeks or months on end, but you … Continue reading

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