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New Experiences

These days I live in envy of Lori and Mitch, who are currently researching their own book, Travels with Gus: In Search of America. I would love to throw a suitcase in the back of the car and journey across … Continue reading

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Three Dog Week

We’ve been babysitting since last Friday. This is Blackie: This is Duke: This has been a challenge. We’ve been Blackie’s babysitters of choice since she was two years old. In fact, the first time I took her I had her … Continue reading

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Taking Care of Business

Warning: This post contains graphic scatological content. Reader discretion advised. The other night the girls and I watched an old episode of Underdog to Wonderdog, a show about pound dogs who are “fixed up” and paired with a specially-chosen adoptive family. … Continue reading

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Fairy Dogparents

Here’s a little feel-good story to start off the new year. Economic times are rough, and animal welfare experts will tell you that when money grows short, the family pet is often abandoned or given to a shelter because its … Continue reading

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Winter’s Coming

Last Friday, I took the girls with me to the dog park.  I think it will be the last time I take them for a long time. The wind blew.  The Youngest froze.  We all ended up in the former bus … Continue reading

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Back to Reality

The holidays are finally over. Sukkot started almost two weeks ago (Wednesday night), and went straight through to last Saturday night.  After all the cleaning, laundry, and general catching up, this has been my first chance to resume some normal activities. The holidays were hard … Continue reading

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More Guilt

Aside from guilt, not walking your dog has other consequences, chiefly that your dog doesn’t get his shpilkes out. Our Best Friend is not a destructive dog.  He never chews on the furniture, doesn’t grab food from the counter, and almost always … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago, one of our dog park buddies made the casual comment, “Our Best Friend really needs to live on a farm, where he can run outside all day.”  I’ve been haunted by that remark ever since. When … Continue reading

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