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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday # 5

My area of the continent was in a deep freeze for the last few weeks… and then Monday and yesterday I was obsessing over reports of freezing rain coming my way on the drive to and from school. (I would have skipped … Continue reading

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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday #2

While I was away for my usual Monday/Tuesday jaunt to school, it rained and then froze– but I was away and didn’t realize the extent until I went to the park today: The entire perimeter path was a skating rink. … Continue reading

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A Reluctant Return to the Park

How much do I love my dog park? How much do I hate cold and winter? When I left for school Monday morning, I hugged Our Best Friend and said, “We’re going to  the park Wednesday. Promise.” In fact, I … Continue reading

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Winter is Here

As much as Our Best Friend loves winter, I hate it.  We came home two Mondays ago (the 6th)  from a short trip out-of-town, only  to be caught in a blizzard unforseen by expert meteorologists (2-4 cm predicted– 32 dumped). OBF has … Continue reading

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Winter’s Coming

Last Friday, I took the girls with me to the dog park.  I think it will be the last time I take them for a long time. The wind blew.  The Youngest froze.  We all ended up in the former bus … Continue reading

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