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Glutton for Punishment

For someone who does nothing but bitch, moan, and whine about too much responsibility and not enough time or money, I do awfully stupid things. For one, I’ve got this family of feral cats in my basement. (That’s the next … Continue reading

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Surprise Visitor

As mentioned previously, I was recently forced to renovate my basement. And it’s 98% complete– they just have to come back to 1) attach the bathroom heater to the wall, 2) put a strip of baseboard inside the bathroom cupboard, … Continue reading

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Dog-Sitting Joys

Ever since Kate, my lady who does, had another grandchild and could no longer dogsit, I’ve been scrambling to find a sitter every time I go out of town. As Our Best Friend is loaded with issues, it takes someone … Continue reading

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Dog-Sitting Blues, Part 2

A few weeks ago, my girls’ father took them on a jaunt to New York City. It was the first time they went on vacation without me, and I knew if I stayed home I would wander aimlessly through the … Continue reading

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Dog-Sitting Blues

Last Sunday and Monday were logistically complicated in our household. The Spouse decided to attend to some computer event in New York, which entailed leaving Saturday night and returning early Monday evening. The kids were off school Monday, while I … Continue reading

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