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Bad Dog Mom– Bad!

Our Best Friend went to the vet two weeks ago. “He’s gained 10 pounds since last year,” Dr. B. said sternly. “What happened?” What happened, she asks. Well, I was out of town 3 days/week all year… and it was … Continue reading

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Self-Care or Selfish?

On May 1 I started an internship, which, like school itself, is not in the city in which I live and entails commuting over an hour each way. Right now I’m killing myself taking a course on Monday and Wednesdays … Continue reading

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My 3 1/2 loyal readers may have noticed that this is my first post in a month. There are a number of reasons, chief of which is I have returned to school, in a city two hours away from where … Continue reading

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Getting Out and About

I had lunch with a dear friend yesterday, and, as is my wont, complained about the weather.  “It’s too cold to walk the dog, even,” I whined, then shut right up at the look she gave me.  She’s training for … Continue reading

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