Lies I Tell You — Lies!

I awoke this morning to an unexpected delight in my inbox– a blog “award” from Rescued Insanity.  The term award deserves quotation marks; it’s not so much an award as a blog chain letter.  I have to provide my readers with four lies and one truth about myself, and they have to figure out which is which.  Then I have to pass this award on to five other bloggers, who probably won’t thank me for it.

So let’s see how well people know me.  Which of the following statements is true?

  1. I excelled in math and science in high school, and made a dramatic shift to arts in university.
  2. I dye my hair this colour.
  3. I am a fitness fanatic and work out daily.
  4. If it wasn’t for the dog park, I’d be blogging from behind barred windows and locked doors.
  5. I am about to launch a reality competition on the Food Network called “Feed My Kids– Please.”

Now to name five bloggers to take up this challenge:

  1. Back Alley Soapbox (because it’s sure to be amusing)
  2. Peggy’s Pet Place (because someone who writes about dieting knows brutal honesty and the art of the cover-up)
  3. According to Gus (because I want to learn a little more about them before they show up on my doorstep in four or five months!)
  4. Kid Lit Reader (because she can’t lie to save her life)
  5. Back Seat View (because her blog is so honest, yet I think she can come up with some whoppers, and pictures to illustrate them!)

And one bonus blogger: The VSL Poltroon, because my own brother better not try to lie to me.

Well, there you go, and I hope the people listed are still speaking to me after this.  Please excuse the interruption in our regularly scheduled programming, which will resume tomorrow (or maybe the next day).


About one person's view

I'm the mother of three girls, three cats, and a dog. All need constant attention, but only the dog likes to go for long walks!
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14 Responses to Lies I Tell You — Lies!

  1. Pshhh…take this for your prediction. THANK YOU!!! 😉

    Congrats to you on your award. I agree, they’re basically chain letters, but it’s still fun. I’ve been uber lazy and haven’t paid it forward yet on a couple, ooops.

    Now to choose what I think is true…I’m going to go with #1. You are very witty and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if you said you studied the arts in college!

  2. thatjenk says:

    lol! Oh you are SO on! I am going to spend all day thinking of my response to this.

    In the meantime, I am going to take a risk and guess – based on reading past entries – that #4 is true.

    Picking #1 was a very close second, so I will (figuratively) kick myself if it’s that one.

  3. HSaboMilner says:

    So #1! the rest I know are such terrible heinous lies!!

  4. Rachel Wormeli says:

    i’m going with #1 – but I so wish it were #5 – i’d be the first contestant to sign up!

  5. My first reaction was #1. But #4 got to me. I was always told to go with the first answer – it is generally the right one. But I am going to go with #4.

  6. ABB says:

    Finally some recognition and reward for all this work! I’m sure you won some money with this award, where is it?

    Sadly only 4 is true but we are hoping 5 will one day be true too. 🙂

  7. Oh boy, thank you for picking me! I love a guessing game! I’m guessing #4, assuming you mean figuratively barred windows and locked doors. I know how demanding blogging can be, and i also know how “doing it for the dog” can be the motivating factor to getting outside and walking.

  8. 1. you excelled in lunch time.
    2. they don’t sell dye that colour
    3. You excercize your jaw muscles <>
    5. You are about to start a reality TV show called 5000 ways to prepare macaroni and cheese.

  9. SR says:

    #1 – I definitely sense a math/science personality struggling to be heard…besides you lately seem to be a bit upset with numbers and Purim….

  10. Kristine says:

    I am going to say the last one because that is too awesome and crazy to be a lie. I mean, seriously, I would know someone with a Food Network show. I could die happy.

    Please let it be the last one?

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