Tag– I’m It

Georgie Little Pea’s typist has tagged me in a game of blog-tag. Being a decent sport, I’m taking up the challenge.

1.  Describe yourself in 7 words: 

Me: Loyal, loving, funny, intelligent, empathic, talkaholic, and modest.

Our Best Friend: Loyal, affectionate, fun-loving, smart, shedding, too much barking, and cuddly.

2. What keeps you up at night?

Me: Don’t ask a life-long insomniac that question, ’cause the ultimate answer is “everything.”

OBF: Who asks a dog that? The answer is “nothing.”

3. Who would you like to be?

Me: No one but myself. I’m big believer about greener grass being an illusion.

OBF: I would like to be a big scary guard dog, ’cause that’s what I pretend to be whenever I hear someone at the door.

4. What are you wearing right now?

Me: I’m all gussied up for an engagement party. Not my normal denim skirt and top.


5. What scares you?

Me: Something happening to my kids. Anything else I can deal with.

OBF: Not too much, I think. I get anxious a lot though. I need my people…

6. The best and worst of blogging.

Me: The best: Awesome other bloggers. The worst: Knowing you should be writing more, but running dry.

OBF: Blogging?

7. The last website I visited.

Me: Probably facebook. That’s pathetic.  Maybe theweathernetwork.com. That might be more pathetic.

OBF: Last thing I visited was the back yard, but it’s too cold for webs this time of year.

8. What is one thing I would change about myself?

Me: Greater self-confidence.

OBF: My person would go on more walks. I like walks.

9. Slankets yes or no.

Me: Uh… no. I don’t buy nothing sold on TV. Or “as seen on TV.”

OBF: I like blankies!

10. Tell us something about the dog(s) that tagged you.

Me: The dog what tagged me is one of my favourite on-line finds– another Commonwealther in a time zone so far away she always seems to be awake, no matter when I post.

OBF: Any dog tags me, I try to take a bite out of ’em! I never do, though.

Okay, I’m probably supposed to tag someone else… so I’m sending this to The VSL Poltroon, who’s a big liar and never answers anything honestly. Tag, brother, you’re it.


About one person's view

I'm the mother of three girls, three cats, and a dog. All need constant attention, but only the dog likes to go for long walks!
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7 Responses to Tag– I’m It

  1. OKAY, you got me cackling, as bleary-eyed as I am! I knew I was going to find out many interesting things about you. I think a lot of bloggers may have insomnia tendencies. When else are we going to blog or read other blogs? When other people are awake and require our attention? Get real.

    FB is a little pathetic. the weather network however – I’m glued to it myself these days. The sky is about to fall down, don’t you know? We must be prepared!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to play this dreadful game. I hope you’re feeling better and heading towards a good place, if not already there. HUGS to you and OBF, that shameless nekkid dog.

    The Other Commonwealther. [love that!]

  2. Kristine says:

    Hahaha! Great responses! There is nothing pathetic about the weather network. Don’t even joke about that. I even downloaded a widget that sits in the corner of me screen, just in case I need to know the weather while writing a blog post or spying on people on Facebook.

    I used to be an insomniac, then I got a dog and now all I want to do is sleep. I’m sorry this is something you are still dealing with.

    Hope you enjoyed the party!

  3. Mel says:

    Great answers! Loved OBF’s “Nekkid!” comment! LOL!

    Totally related to answer #2. Yup. Pretty much anything can keep me up at night. Hope you find that writing rythym soon, although I will say I can completely relate about running dry. Some days I wonder why I continue to do it given how much of my life it takes up.

  4. thatjenk says:

    If The Weather Network is pathetic, then I’m… well, really pathetic.

  5. The Hook says:

    I think your self-confidence is just fine! Keep on improving if you feel you need to though…

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