Home Sweet Home

We returned last night after an eight-day trip to visit relatives in another province. All in all, we consider our first “travel with the dog” experiment a success.

Flowers on a Rose of Sharon tree

The bridge and creek on our morning walk

True, he didn’t get out enough. He destroyed my sister-in-law’s screen door and sliding door to the porch. (She forgave him.) He got away from one of the children and chased a neighbour’s cat up a tree. (She came down later.) We didn’t even take him to the dog park we visited last winter with Zach. However, I did walk him every day, and a few times we meandered through the nature park not three minutes from my sister-in-law’s house. He loved that; his nose never left the ground, and the temperature was a few degrees cooler under the trees. I loved it too; I love walking through woods and forests, the smell of damp ground and evergreen trees. And as everyone else enjoyed staying up until 2:00 a.m. and rising past 10, I spent that time alone with Our Best Friend. (The Middle Child joined us on one early-evening walk, and she loved the park too– especially as we saw a deer and her fawn.) We even got lost once: a good hour-long stretch of exercise, in 35° heat (95° F).

The trip home was mostly uneventful. At one point the dog began crying and whining and generally indicating a desperate need for out. We pulled off as soon as we could, on a side road barren of dog-friendly places to roam.  He raced around in circles, peed a few times, and then we put him back in the car. After that he didn’t make a sound all the way home.

And when we did get home, his relief was unmistakable. He sat in our entrance way, surveying the house with a satisfied “This is my kingdom” look on his face. I hoped that all this new driving experience would make trips to the dog park more peaceful, but no chance; he still barked all the way there this afternoon.

There, too, he was clearly thrilled to be home. Sadly, none of our regular friends were there when we went; in fact, there were only about five dogs hanging about. Still, that gave Our Best Friend the opportunity to chase a stray ball around, something we dare not do in a crowded park. He sniffed, he pooped (yes I cleaned up after him), he chased, and then he went home a happy puppy.

It’s good to be back.


About one person's view

I'm the mother of three girls, three cats, and a dog. All need constant attention, but only the dog likes to go for long walks!
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9 Responses to Home Sweet Home

  1. tukamann says:

    The door and screen will be fixed. I may change my profession………not! It was a pleasure having you all here. As always the visit was too short. YBF is welcome anytime. Keep writing. Your posts always make me smile.

  2. Kristine says:

    It sounds like you had an eventful trip! Sometimes you need to go away in order to appreciate what home has to offer.

    Gorgeous flowers. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like them before. But you captured them so well. One of the reasons I don’t mind walking so early in the morning is getting to experience the quiet ot nature.

    Welcome home!

  3. Silverycloud says:

    Good to have you back

  4. Pamela says:

    Sounds like you had a great trip with only a few rough moments. You should be proud of your furry friend.

    Your trip demonstrates so well that home for YBF is with you. And although his first preference is for everyone to stay in the same house/neighborhood together, he’s happy to follow you anywhere. That’s great!

    Laughed when you said the long trip didn’t cure the barking on the way to the dog park. Sounds like he’s barking because he knows he’s going to the dog park. I bet if you passed right by, he’d probably stop barking as soon as I figured out he no longer knew the destination.

    We don’t visit the dog park nearly as often as you do but Honey gets very excited whenever we take that route. Once we pass by, she settles down for the ride.

  5. Despite everything, I bet you’re still glad he was with you. And I know he was glad too. We have to go away and can’t take Kelly. My son will be with her at home. But I just worry so much how she’ll miss me. Anytime you can take them with you, I think that is a good thing. I like that so many blogs share tips about traveling with your pets.

  6. Aleksandra says:

    It’s funny how you think going away will be relaxing and help you get away, but often it’s just as stressful as being home. Welcome home, by the way 🙂

  7. The Hook says:

    Congrats on your success! Great shots, too!

  8. Jodi Stone says:

    We love walking in the woods too. Early evening or early moring is our favorite time. We enjoy the quiet and the smells.

    Welcome home.

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